Webley RIC No.3 Revolver, .442CF

This is a Webley RIC No.3 Revolver supplied to the Queensland Government in 1875. These No.3 revolvers are of a simpler design to Webley's more common RIC No.1 revolvers. There is no fixed cartridge extractor but rather a rod extractor is screwed into the butt of the revolver. The large toggle on the left side of the frame releases the centre pin which permits cylinder removal. The revolver is marked on the right frame with WEBLEY’S R.I.C. No.3 .442CF below the W&S Trademark and the serial number 15914.

Also on the upper right frame is the Queensland Goventment QG marking along with a broad arrow and the rack number 294. The Queensland government purchased several batches of these revolvers.

200 supplied in 1873. Rack numbers 1 to 200

100 supplied in 1875. Rack numbers 201 to 301.

200 supplied in 1877/1878. Rack numbers 301 to 500.

100 supplied in 1883. This shipment was only marked Q^G without any rack number.

The revolvers supplied in the final shipment were of a slightly different pattern to those previously supplied. Although still marked as RIC No.3, they were of a 3 screw design rather than the 4 screw lock design of the earlier pattern.


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