Webley RIC No.1 New Model Revolver, .476CF

This RIC No.1 revolver, serial number 34929 is chambered in .476CF. There are numerous types and variations of Webley RIC revolvers. This example is a No.1 New Model which were the first RIC revolvers to utilize both the fluted cylinder and the acorn style extractor rod. In addition to this the New Model revolvers used a different 3 screw lock mechanism in place of the earlier 4 screw variant.

This revolver was made circa 1885 and retailed by W. Jeffery & Son of 12 George St, Plymouth. This was not the famous W.J. Jeffery of shotgun and rifle fame but rather a smaller provincial maker. Brown's British Gunmakers Vol 2 lists a William Jeffery operating at 12 George St, Plymouth, Devon between 1865 and 1917.


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