Webley Pre RIC Angular Frame Revolver

This is a very early Webley cartridge revolver made in the late 1860's. Although Webley had no distinct models at this time, modern collectors classify this gun as a Pre RIC Angular Frame Revolver. These were made in both centrefire and rimfire versions in calibers .320, .380 and .442. This 6 shot example is chambered in .320CF. Serial number is 785.

These early revolvers are found with at least two styles of loading gate. Some, like this example are fitted with a rear opening gate which works with a externally fitted spring. The other style sometimes seen is the more conventional side opening loading gate.

This revolver is also fitted an early style external ratchet cylinder and also a manual cartridge extractor which screws into the butt plate. On the left side of the frame is a spring style hammer safety.

This revolver is marked on the top strap with P. Webley & Son, St James's London. This is Webley's earliest London address. 


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