Webley Pre No.2 The British Bull Dog Revolver

This revolver, serial 21846, is an early British Bull Dog revolver made by P. Webley & Sons in the early 1870's. It is chambered for the .442CF cartridge. The revolver is marked on the top strap with THE BRITISH BULL DOG. The left side of the frame is marked with WEBLEY'S PATENT over the W&S Trademark and serial number.

The earliest Webley British Bull Dogs are serial numbered in the 20xxx range. They initially appeared in several slightly different frame styles before the style that we have here was settled on. British Bull Dog revolvers made in the low 22xxx serial range began to be marked with the "No.2" designation which continued through until the end of production. 

The barrel is marked with the Australian retailer, James W. Rosier of 66 Elizabeth St, Melbourne. This firm is probably the most commonly encounted of the Australian retailers. Rosier was in business at several different addresses in Melbourne from around 1850 but operated from the 66 Elizabeth St address between 1870 and 1888. Rosier eventually retired and sold his business in 1916. The front of the frame shows another Rosier marking, a tiny JR over a number 15161. This marking is found on all types of guns that were retailed by Rosier.


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