Webley No.5 .360CF Revolver

This small frame, 6 shot, Webley No.5 revolver is fitted with the rarer 4.5" barrel. The top strap is marked with the Australian retailer, ALCOCK & PIERCE, MELBOURNE. The revolver is marked on left frame with WEBLEY'S NO.5 .360CF along with the W&S trademark and serial number 93528.

These revolvers were available in standard barrel lengths of either 3" or 4.5" although other barrel lengths have been noted.  There are two main patterns with earlier patterns having church steeple style cylinder flutes and a flat head ejector rod, and later types typically being fitted with round cylinder flutes and an acorn style ejector rod. Some revolvers are found with a combination of these features. The serial number range for these revolvers seems to begin around 63,000 and continues through to around 100,000. 

The .360CF or .360 No.5 was primarily a British rook rifle cartridge but saw a dual use in these revolvers. A 1888 Bland catalog  advertising these revolvers states that "It is specially made to shoot the No.5 .360 Rook Rifle Cartridge, but will shoot also the ordinary .380 Revolver (7/3 per 100) and Rook Rifle (8/- per 100) Cartridges"

These small frame No.5 Webley's are not to be confused with the much larger Webley No.5 Army revolvers which are chambered for the .450/.455 size cartridge. 


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