Webley No.2 The British Bull Dog Revolver

A late model long grip British Bull Dog in .442CF

This is a late model Webley No.2 The British Bull Dog Revolver chambered in .442CF. Webley's popular British Bulldog line of revolvers were introduced in the early 1870's. Although Webley ceased manufacture of solid frame revolvers in the 1890's, left over stock continued to be sold well into the 20th century. Over the life of the British Bull Dog model there was numerous changes and variations produced which makes them highly collectible today.  

This example is one of the later types which features a longer grip, a 5 shot fluted cylinder and an acorn style finial on the ejector rod.

The revolver is marked on the left frame with "WEBLEY"S No.2 442CF" over the Webley & Sons Flying bullet trademark and the serial number 89442. The top strap is marked "THE BRITISH BULL DOG" whilst the barrel is engraved with "P. Webley & Son, London & Birmingham"

On this example, the lower front of the frame is marked in tiny stamps with "21059". Research indicates that this marking is associated to the firm of James W. Rosier of Melbourne, Australia. A great number of revolvers and other firearms retailed or otherwise sold by Rosier are found with similar markings. Sometimes they have an additional J.R. stamping over the top of the number. 


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