Webley No.2 Pocket Revolver, .297CF

This very rare revolver is one of only two known to survive. Until only a few years ago I had never even heard of such a revolver. Nothing like it is listed in the Dowell or Bruce/Reinhart books on Webley's, and even the recent books on solid frame Webley's made no mention of it.

Yet, here it is. A small pocket No.2 Webley chambered in the obscure .297CF cartridge. Sometimes called the .297 Morris, the cartridge is actually a British rook cartridge usually found chambered in small frame single shot rifles, although it also saw use as a training round in British military rifles (with the use of a Morris tube).

The revolver itself is very similar to the equally rare ring trigger Webley revolvers chambered in .230RF. The frame is slightly larger but it shares the same style of stumpy birdshead grip with the cartridge extractor screwed into the base. It also has the same Tranter style loading gate (missing on this example) and the toggle lever type cylinder pin release.

The  revolver is tastefully scroll engraved and is marked on the right frame with the W&S bullet trademark. Marked on the lower left frame is the serial number 40389 and adjacent to the barrel is WEBLEY's No.2 .297 CF

It's certainly is a rare bird. The big question is how many more are out there waiting to be found?


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