Webley No.1½ Revolver, .380CF

Until recently, I had only ever heard of Webley No.1½ revolvers being chambered in larger calibers, usually .442CF. The smaller calibers, .380 and .320 were chambered in similarly styled but smaller framed revolvers marked Webley No.1. Things got turned on their head though when out of one collection I found two identical small framed Webleys in .380CF but marked as No.1½ .

This revolver, serial 60471 is marked on the right frame "WEBLEY'S No.1½ .380 CF" along with the W&S flying bullet trademark. The top strap is marked with the retailer JAMES W. ROSIER, 66 ELIZABETH ST, MELBOURNE.  As mentioned I purchased this revolver along with another identical revolver, down to the same retailer markings, serial 60462. As these guns are only 9 digits apart, its likely that Mr Rosier received a batch of these at sometime. There must be more out there somewhere.

Pictured above are three Webley No. 1½ Revolvers.

  • Top: Webley No.1½, .442CF (Serial No. 27872)
  • Middle: Webley No.1½, .380CF (Serial no. 60471)
  • Bottom: Webley No.1½, .380CF (Serial No. 60462)

Pictured below are the same three revolvers along with Webley No.1, .320CF (Serial 29384)


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