Webley No. 1½ Revolver, .442CF

The Webley No. is a very early Webley cartridge revolver made in the late 1860's. They are all of the same basic configuration. octagonal barrel, external ratchet cylinder, spring type hammer safety,  thumbscrew locked center pin, curved grip frame, and cartridge extractor screwed into the base of the grip.

The are usually chambered in .442CF, although at least one is known to be in the larger .450CF. They appear to share the serial number range with the similar but slightly smaller Webley No.1 revolvers, and with the Webley Pug revolvers.

This revolver, although having little of its original blued finish remaining is actually in very good mechanical condition.  The top strap is marked P. WEBLEY & SONS  LONDON & BIRMINGHAM and on the side of the frame with WEBLEY’S No.1½ .442 CF. It is also marked on the frame with the W&S trademark and serial number 27872.


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