Tranter Model 1868, .440CF

An unusual 8" barrel Tranter revolver chambered in the obscure .440CF

This unusual six shot Tranter Model 1868 revolver features a very long 8' barrel and is chambered in the obscure .440CF cartridge. The revolver is marked on the left frame with "W. TRANTER'S PATENT" over the serial number 52,210 whilst the extractor arm although very worn, is marked "TRANTER'S PATENT". The top rib of the barrel is marked "W. TRANTER PATENTEE BIRMINGHAM" along with the caliber "440" on the left side just in front of the frame.

Tranter revolvers of this exact type were apparently purchased by the government of Argentina in the 1870's for military use. The few known examples with Argentine provenance are within the serial number range of this revolver, but are marked with a "EN" (Ejercito Nacional - National Army) over a rack number on the right frame. This revolver is not marked but it may have been left over from the Argentina contract. However this revolver did come from the South American nation of Uruguay, which borders Argentina.

The basic design of this revolver was protected by William Tranter's British Patent No. 285 of 28th January 1868. It was a successful design that was produced in numerous variations of caliber, frame size and barrel length as well as several different styles of cylinder, loading gate and extraction rod.

Further information on this and other Tranter revolvers please refer to the following books.

1) Berk, Wolfgang; William Tranter, Birmingham; Privately Published, 2008

2) Black, Guerin, Michaud; Tranter Cartridge Firearms; Privately Published, 2007

3) Stewart, Ron; The Firearms of William Tranter, Birmingham Gunsmith; Privately Published, 2007


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