Starkey & Adcock 12 Bore Percussion Shotgun

A decent 12 bore percussion double shotgun marked on the locks with Starkey & Adcock. Foliate engraved locks with pineapple type finial and twin platinum bands to breech. 30” damascus barrels are marked with Birmingham Temporary BP proof, Final BP proof and inspection marks. Also each barrel is marked with both “13” and “14” indicating nominal bore.

The style of proof marks indicate proof occurred between 1856 and 1868

I can find no record  of any gunmakers or retailers trading as Starkey & Adcock, however there was a Thomas Starkey & Co. Lockmakers of 13 Weaman Street, Birmingham between 1828 and 1853.

The only Adcock I can find is Alfred Adcock of 105 Aston Road, Birmingham between 1860 - 1861


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