Portuguese Model 1886 Troopers Revolver

This revolver was made circa 1886 by Leon Soleil of Liege, Belgium and supplied to the Portuguese army as their Model 1886 Troopers Revolver. It has a 6 shot cylinder chambered in the obscure 9.1x17R cartridge.The revolver utilizes the Abadie patented loading and ejection system. This is essentially a loading lever that isolates the hammer when loading or unloading occurs. This allows the trigger to be pulled to rotate the cylinder and allows for faster loading/unloading. The Abadie system is found on several types of European military revolver in the late 19th century. 

There was also a similar but slightly smaller revolver, the Model 1878 Officers, which was also produced by L. Soleil and supplied to Portugal.     Serial No. 5772


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