London Colt Model 1851 Navy Revolver

This is a decent London Colt Navy revolver made in late 1855, The right frame is marked “Colts Patent” whilst the 7½” octagonal barrel is marked “ADDRESS COL COLT LONDON”. There are London proof marks to barrel and cylinder and matching serial numbers on barrel, frame, trigger guard, butt, cylinder, wedge, spindle & loading lever. This a late London Colt made just prior to the closing of the London factory. Collectors often refer to this variation as 4th model or Hartford-London Navy. The serial number range for this variation was from around 37500 to 42000. They differed from the 3rd model or standard London-Londons in having a bevelled bullet cut on the barrel lug, no arrowheads on the barrel address, a plain crosshatched knurl on the hammer, and W.L. Ormsby name missing from the cylinder engraving. There was also minor differences in cylinder pin diameter.     Serial No. 37806


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