Lefaucheaux Model 1854 Revolver Carbine

12mm Pinfire

In around 1865, the Egyptian government placed an order with Eugene Lefaucheux for approximately 250 revolvers of unique design to be supplied to Egyptian cavalry troops. They were 12mm pinfire Model 1854 revolvers fitted with special extended length barrels having long-range folding leaf rear sights and fixed (non-detachable) skeleton shoulder stocks. The Lefaucheux address appears on the barrels, but not on the frames; all serial numbers observed have been very low, not exceeding 2000. In addition, a secondary number, either an issue or armoury rack number, is stamped on both the grip and left side of the frame.  The shoulder stocks of the Egyptian cavalry revolvers are permanently fastened with screws at the rear of the slightly oversize wrap-around style wood grips. A lanyard ring is fitted to the buttcap, which attaches a chain to a corresponding ring on the underside of the stock. The chain has a sliding ring to provide a point of attachment for a shoulder sling or saddle scabbard, to prevent loss when in use by a mounted horseman.

This is a well used example of these rare revolving carbines. Unfortunately the skeleton shoulder stock has been cut off quite crudely. The 384mm long barrel is marked “INVon E. LEFAUCHEUX BRte PARIS”. with the left side of the frame marked with the rack number "80". Serial No, LF512


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