Webley No.4 Revolver

This revolver, serial number 6036 is chambered in .455CF. It is nickel finished and has a 5½” (140mm) barrel. The left side of the frame is marked WEBLEY’S No.4 .455CF along with the W&S winged bullet trademark. The barrel is marked ARMY & NAVY C.S.L.  The grip escutcheon is faintly engraved with the initials T.S.

Army & Navy records show that this revolver was purchased by Sir C. Doyley in 1882 for £2.0.0

This is probably Major General Sir Charles Walters D’Oyly, 9th Baronet of Shottisham. Born 21 December 1822, Died 11 July 1900, aged 77.  Son of Sir John Hadley D'Oyly, 8th Baronet. and Charlotte Thompson. 

He was educated at Addiscombe Military College, Addiscombe, London, England. He served in the Gwalior campaign including the battle of Punniar on 29th December 1843 (Bronze Star). He also fought in the Indian Mutiny in 1857 and held the office of Justice of the Peace (J.P.) for Dorset. He gained the rank of Major-General in the service of the Bengal Army. He succeeded to the title of 9th Baronet D'Oyly, of Shottisham, Norfolk on 21 March 1869.


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