Beaumont Adams 54 Bore Percussion Revolver

British War Department W^D marked

This five shot, 54 Bore Beaumont Adams percussion revolver was one of  the revolvers adopted by the British War department, primarily for naval use.

Marked on the top strap with LONDON ARMOURY and on the right frame with B.15,555 over ADAM'S PATENT No. 33,891R. The B number is the Beaumont patent use number whereas the serial number is 33,891R. This serial number is also marked on the cylinder. 

Interesting features on this revolver are the Broad Arrow over WD mark engraved on the right frame along with the horizontal hole drilled through the grip.

Many of these Military Beaumont Adams revolvers are encountered with this hole. Although it is likely a lanyard hole, there is some evidence that it was also used with wire as a means of securing the revolvers whilst on a naval vessel.

Although in decent condition for a military revolver of this age it is missing the hammer and some other internal lock parts. In time I hope to source these parts and get this wonderful revolver back to a functional state.


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