The Tower Bulldog Revolver

Early writers credited these revolvers to Webley, possibly due to the London Tower trademark. However, frame measurements and style are unlike any other Webley made revolver. It is now thought that Webley acquired the London Tower trademark from David Bentley in 1884. David Bentley had had a close relationship with Webley for many years and operated the Tower Works, 45 Tower Road, Aston between 1871 to c.1883. It is now thought likely that these revolvers were made by (or for) David Bentley in the early 1880’s.     

This example, serial No. 512, is in fine condition, cased in its original leather case with E.M. Reilly trade label. 5 shot, 2½” barrel, .450CF.

The top strap is marked “THE TOWER BULL DOG” and the edge of the top strap is marked “FOR 450 CENTRAL FIRE CARTRIDGE”. The grip is engraved with the retailers details “E.M. REILLY & CO, 16 NEW OXFORD ST, LONDON” and the left side of the frame is marked with London Tower trademark.

E.M Reilly & Co. were located at 502 Oxford Street from 1875 - 1882 and at 16 New Oxford Street between 1883 – 1898.


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